Fresh Fruit Mimosas

I didn't really get into brunch until last year and found out I was extremely late to the party.  Any excuse I can get to day drink I'll take.  As a semi health nut however, I always try to make things a little bit better for the body.  In comes the fresh fruit mimosa.  Its a tad bit more refreshing than your regular mix and its a tad bit better for you.  Enjoy!

420 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Resurrection Sunday "He Got Up" Self Rising Biscuits

One of my family's Easter or Resurrection Sunday Traditions was to get up early in the morning and make biscuits together before we headed off to church.  Its probably one of my favorite memories as a kid.  No one makes biscuits like my mother, I can't even get them to taste like her's but these are close!

Seafood Salad with Crab and Shrimp

This is a great little summer dish that's quick to make and can serve a lot of people without a lot of food.  Even though the recipe calls for imitation crab meat, you can use real crab meat if you want a different taste.  You might also want to add some tuna to it if you want a more heartier salad.

BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos

With cookout season fast approaching we're busting out all our grill recipes for the summer season.  Here's one my Uncle James used to make when we would come over to watch the game or to get in a few games of NBA 2k.  You can make these fresh but they also taste good with leftover pork from another dish.  

Juiced Tossed Salad

Want to get the benefits of a salad but don't really care for making them or how they taste?  Try juicing them instead!  This is a recipe we picked up from one of our personal trainers after we were told to incorporate more greens into our diet.  

For National Beer Day, Try A BeerRita

Its the best of both worlds! In honor of National Beer Day we're bringing you a BeerRita recipe to help you bring in the holiday right just in time for your evening happy hour.

Slow-Cooker Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken

I remember growing up, this commercial would come on for a roaster and the slogan was "Set It and Forget It"  Thats bascially what you can do with this and most slow cooker meals.  You toss all your ingredients in and let the slow cooker do its work.  

Long Boy Burgers

13 Benefits of Eating An Avocado Everyday

Avocado is known from ancient times. It is believed that people from Puebla, Mexico used to consume avocado back to around 10,000 BC. Maybe you didn’t know that from the botanic point of view avocado is a large berry that grows on a tree that can reach 6 feet tall and it is included in the same family as camphor and cinnamon. But what you know for sure is that eating avocado keeps us healthy, because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.