4 Recipes For 4/20 2015

We put together some of our most outrageous and fun snacks to eat and make on 420.  You can modify these however you like, they are really just a template for what your minds wil be able to create once you've started celebrating.  Have fun and happy 420!

Hot Chocolate Brownie Sundae : http://home.aazah.com/recipes/420-recipe-hot-chocolate-brownie-sundae

Cheetos Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich:  http://home.aazah.com/recipes/420-recipe-cheetos-mac-and-cheese-grilled-...

Dorito Crusted Chicken Tenders: http://home.aazah.com/recipes/420-recipe-dorito-crusted-chicken-strips

Bacon Lasagne: http://home.aazah.com/recipes/420-recipe-bacon-lasagne