420 Recipe: Cheetos Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is the ultimate cheese sandwich. Now if you're really feeling adventurous you can add flaming hot cheetos to this. You can use whatever cheese you like. I usually like to lay on at least 3 or for different kinds of cheeses to give it a unique flavor. Try it out and let me know what you think.

420 Recipe: Dorito Crusted Chicken Strips

Ok recipe # 2.  Dorito Crusted Chicken Strips.  This literally combines 2 of my favorite things in one dish.  Now you can use whatever flavor doritos you want to.  I prefer cool ranch (because I love ranch) but I've also had this where I combined different flavors of doritos as well.  Its all up to you.  Either way c'mon its Doritos and chicken.  You'll love it.

420 Recipe: Bacon Lasagne

Its 420 and if you're like many of those who will be celebrationg you're gonna be as hungry bear at a picnic.  We've got four recipes this is the first and probably my favorite.  I don't get to pig out like this often because I try to eat as healthy as possible but if you're going to throw caution to the wind throw it far. 

7-Eleven Is Letting Everyone Bring Their Own Cups To Fill With Slurpees April 11th

Mark your calendars and loosen up your belt straps 7-11 is challenging you to an all you can Slupee Challenge. 

The convienience store chain is inviting customers to bring their own cups from home and fill it with Slurpees for one day. Yep, you can bring that old Rescue Rangers mug you had as a kid in the store and get yourself a cold one.

It costs $1.49 plus tax for an iced beverage so you definitely want to make the most of it with a larger-than-average container.

Wednesday Happy Hour - Jamaican Rum Punch

When I can't physically make it to Jamaica I love to pour some in a glass and pretend I'm there. It always helps on a Wednesday to unwind, especially if the first part of your week has been not so pleasant. Try this one out with a few friends, its great for parties too.

Shrimp and Bacon Deviled Eggs - Easter Hangover

Once Easter is over the one problem you may have is what to do with those hard boiled eggs. I usually make deviled eggs with mine. Take a gander at one of my favorite recipes which takes a different spin on the classic deviled egg and adds shrimp and bacon.

Empire Finale Drinking Game!

With the 2 Hour Empire Finale Happening Tomorrow Night we wanted to get you prepared a day early!

The trailer promises there will be twists and turns galore so we want to be twisted before we turn the show on.

Check out this game provided by Urban Daily and be sure to tune in to the Empire Finale!


Effective Cable Wire Managment

This is one of the most imaginative ways we've seen to clear up the nasty problem of what to do with all those wires.


Oreo Cheesecake Cookie Dough Bars

As a fitness lover, these are completely against every diet plan that you will ever read, however on Saturdays we have what we call cheat days where we eat whatever we want and work it off in the gym on Sunday or Monday. This is perfect if you're going to give yourself a cheat day!

Snowed In: Shrimp With Coconut Milk, Tomato, and Avocado

This is perfect for a snow day, like the one some of the east coast had today. If you had to go out in the cold or if you've been wrapped up in warmth all day this is a great recipe to keep you warm and fuzzy on this snow day.