BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos

With cookout season fast approaching we're busting out all our grill recipes for the summer season.  Here's one my Uncle James used to make when we would come over to watch the game or to get in a few games of NBA 2k.  You can make these fresh but they also taste good with leftover pork from another dish.  

Juiced Tossed Salad

Want to get the benefits of a salad but don't really care for making them or how they taste?  Try juicing them instead!  This is a recipe we picked up from one of our personal trainers after we were told to incorporate more greens into our diet.  

For National Beer Day, Try A BeerRita

Its the best of both worlds! In honor of National Beer Day we're bringing you a BeerRita recipe to help you bring in the holiday right just in time for your evening happy hour.

Long Boy Burgers

4 Recipes For 4/20 2015

We put together some of our most outrageous and fun snacks to eat and make on 420.  You can modify these however you like, they are really just a template for what your minds wil be able to create once you've started celebrating.  Have fun and happy 420!

420 Recipe: Hot Chocolate Brownie Sundae

This is the best best sweet tooth snack you'll ever have. Not to mention the best brownies you'll ever have. Now don't worry there's nothing in these brownies besides the hot chocolate although you are more than welcome to modify this to your liking.

420 Recipe: Cheetos Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is the ultimate cheese sandwich. Now if you're really feeling adventurous you can add flaming hot cheetos to this. You can use whatever cheese you like. I usually like to lay on at least 3 or for different kinds of cheeses to give it a unique flavor. Try it out and let me know what you think.

420 Recipe: Dorito Crusted Chicken Strips

Ok recipe # 2.  Dorito Crusted Chicken Strips.  This literally combines 2 of my favorite things in one dish.  Now you can use whatever flavor doritos you want to.  I prefer cool ranch (because I love ranch) but I've also had this where I combined different flavors of doritos as well.  Its all up to you.  Either way c'mon its Doritos and chicken.  You'll love it.

420 Recipe: Bacon Lasagne

Its 420 and if you're like many of those who will be celebrationg you're gonna be as hungry bear at a picnic.  We've got four recipes this is the first and probably my favorite.  I don't get to pig out like this often because I try to eat as healthy as possible but if you're going to throw caution to the wind throw it far. 

Shrimp and Bacon Deviled Eggs - Easter Hangover

Once Easter is over the one problem you may have is what to do with those hard boiled eggs. I usually make deviled eggs with mine. Take a gander at one of my favorite recipes which takes a different spin on the classic deviled egg and adds shrimp and bacon.