Oreo Cheesecake Cookie Dough Bars

As a fitness lover, these are completely against every diet plan that you will ever read, however on Saturdays we have what we call cheat days where we eat whatever we want and work it off in the gym on Sunday or Monday. This is perfect if you're going to give yourself a cheat day!

Snowed In: Shrimp With Coconut Milk, Tomato, and Avocado

This is perfect for a snow day, like the one some of the east coast had today. If you had to go out in the cold or if you've been wrapped up in warmth all day this is a great recipe to keep you warm and fuzzy on this snow day.

Black Chef Salute: Sunny Anderson's Bacon, Onion and Cheese Stuffed Burger Recipe

Sunny Anderson (born April 9, 1975) is a Food Network personality. She began hosting How'd That Get On My Plate? in July 2008. She also hosts the Food Network program Cooking for Real (beginning in April 2008), and served as co-host with Marc Istook of the Food Network program Gotta Get It (beginning in April 2007).

Black Chef Salute: G. Garvin's Short Ribs Recipe

Starting off our site wide black history month tribute, we're highlighting recipes from famous black chefs from all over the world. First up chef G. Garvin.

Bacon Grilled Cheese

Now you want to talk about a good lunch! Now you have to be careful when you eat this because it has been known to put some folks to sleep. I'm normally not a fan of bacon sandwiches, its usually not enough meat for me (you can take that however you like). However this sandwich had me at bacon and avocados.

Chocolate Suicide Brownies

This is not for calorie counters. I repeat, not for calorie counters. This is probably the best brownie recipe I have ever come across. First it's a chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo layer topped by a fudgey brownie. Everything melts together, the Oreo becomes soft, and it's three distinct layers of cookie brownie sweetness. Plus, they're cool to look at. You'll love them. Just try to resist.

How to Make A Wendy's Frosty

Even though its cold outside, I still get cravings for ice cream (even though I'm not supposed to have it) If I don't feel like hitting out to Wendy's I read up on this recipe and decided I would pass it on to you.

Note you will need an ice cream maker. If you love ice cream and you love to cook its a must have. I have a Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker, it was about $30 at Target so not expensive at all. Don't forget to add your favorite toppings. I always have oreo's on deck!